TFS Recommends Bellows Sealed Valves for Your Hot Oil Process Heating System

Closed thermal fluid systems need leak-tight protection at every joint and device in the system. Leaks jeopardize more than just the system itself—they can endanger your employees and cause environmental problems. As a result, preventing leaks should be a top priority at your facility. Thermal Fluid Systems carry a comprehensive inventory of OEM parts for a malfunctioning heating system.

Not only do we offer technical support over the phone, we also perform efficient on-site troubleshooting and parts replacement. We particularly specialize in replacing bellows sealed valves, which are one of the most crucial components to fluid-based heating systems. The next time you find yourself facing a leak in your system, consider switching to a bellows sealed valve.

How Do Bellows Sealed Valves Work?

Bellows Sealed Valves Bellows sealed valves provide responsive, fine-tuned control at critical leakage points. They’re most commonly used as safety measures when process fluids or thermal heating fluids put your workers, the surrounding environment or your operation at risk.

In a bellows sealed valve, an expanding and contracting series of bellows covers a central stem, replacing the stuffing box used in most other systems. These folded layers of metal act as the primary stem-sealing layer with 100% leak tightness. They expand as the valve closes and contract as the valve opens.

High-temperature fluids with low viscosity put the joints and glands in standard valves at risk. They also tend to develop leaks and cracks because of this. Not only can the hot oil or dangerous chemicals leak out while the valve opens, but outside air can also contaminate the system when the valve closes. Therefore, more and more thermal fluid heating system operators are turning to bellows sealed valves to mitigate these risks.

Any system that relies on flowing liquids would benefit from a bellows sealed valve at the shutoff and control points to keep it airtight. These flow control valves do their best work in:

  • High-vacuum systems: Closed systems need protection from air leakage for both inflowing and outflowing air. The system should operate at a consistent pressure, guarding against fluid loss as well as external air. Bellows sealed valves provide a more effective way of sealing against contaminating air than other valves on the market.
  • Systems with hazardous fluids: Bellows sealed valves help your system contain hazardous fluids. Heated oil or radioactive material leaks can have disastrous environmental effects, but bellows sealed valves can hold up against most toxic chemicals.
  • Systems with costly fluids: Bellows sealed valves also prevent the loss of valuable fluid from your system. Even tiny leaks add up over time. Long-term leaks lead to costly fluid replacement and also result in less efficient systems because of the reduced material.

Bellows Sealed Valves Work

The Benefits of a Bellows Sealed Valve

Bellows sealed valves are built to prevent leaks. The bellows surround the central stem, and because they’re welded at the stem component and connection plate, they provide a solid metal barrier between the fluid and the surrounding air.

Three Reasons Why Airtight Seals are Essential for Your System’s Safety

  1. Leak tightness protects the environment: Many closed systems use hazardous or synthetic chemicals. Not only are these chemicals dangerous when heated or under pressure, but they also adversely affect the environment when exposed. The tight metal seal of the bellows keeps toxic materials contained.
  2. Bellows can withstand pressure: Every bellows sealed valve can withstand vertical expansions and contractions around the valve stem. The welding provides additional strength so high-pressure fluids can’t punch through connection points. Most bellows sealed valves also incorporate titanium into their designs, enabling them to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures without suffering from fatigue or corrosion.
  3. The seal makes bellows sealed valves more cost effective: Bellows sealed valves are reliable, long-lasting, and strong, meaning that they incur fewer maintenance expenses and replacement costs. You also spend less resources replacing fluids or cleaning up after chemical leaks. Moreover any downtime due to the process of cleaning up the toxic leaked materials is eliminated. Your operation runs cleaner and at optimum capacity.

TFS Will Specify and Supply the Appropriate Bellows Sealed Valve for Your Hot Oil Heating System

Bellows sealed valves are the best choice for your closed fluid system. Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc., carries valves manufactured by ARI, Baelz, Velan, and WTA. Contact us today to order the best bellows sealed valves for your system, or to request a quote