Preferred Customer Program

TFS Technology & Experience Combine to Maintain Your Heating System’s Reliability and Efficiency

Owners of TFS, Konus or other brand heaters can take advantage of a regular maintenance plan to keep your unit operating safely and efficiently. Participation in the plan includes numerous other benefits including preferential service and a discount on replacement parts. Your only commitment is to schedule a one day preventive maintenance inspection by an experienced TFS technician. The visit will include the following checks:

  • Measure burner combustion, adjust to ensure best efficiency
  • Check all operating and safety controls for adjustment and safe operation
  • Check heater ancillary equipment (pumps, valves etc.) for correct operation
  • Review with plant personnel operating and maintenance procedures to maintain increased operating efficiency, ensure safety and prolong equipment life

The small cost for the maintenance visit will be repaid in most cases by increased operating efficiency. In addition we are offering these extra benefits:

  • 5% discount on prices for all spare parts purchased during and for one year following the maintenance visit. This discount is increased by 5% following the second and third annual maintenance visits up to a maximum 15%. The 15% discount is maintained as long as annual visits are continued.
  • Priority scheduling of service calls for plan customers

To enroll in the plan and to find out the cost for your initial maintenance visit, call TFS at (770) 425.5556, FAX to (770) 425.9559 or e-mail We will schedule a visit within four weeks of receiving your call. After the visit, you will receive a detailed listing of the heater operating parameters and any adjustments that were made. You will also receive a list of required and recommended spare parts. We will automatically contact you as the annual plan anniversary approaches to give you the option to renew and increase your parts discount level.

Please note that participation in this plan only confers benefits as described herein, and that maintenance and safe operation of the equipment being serviced is the responsibility of the owner. TFS, Inc. does not offer any warranty against breakdowns of any kind and does not accept any liability for the failure of the system being maintained

Please make a note of our after hours service contact number (678) 525.0511, or our field service technician (843) 367-7693