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Replacement Parts

Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. delivers top-notch maintenance and customer support solutions. Our personnel are highly trained to help you, whether you require on-site inspections or not. So we can send our workforce to troubleshoot the thermal fluid systems in your facilities. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of replacement parts required for maintenance.

Furthermore, we can also fix other brands, such as First Thermal, Bay, Eclipse, Heatec, Geka, Fulton, HTT, Vapor, GTS Energy, and more. We ensure to have all types of parts in our extensive range of inventory for the various brands in the market. Our goal is to have everything ready, so we can provide you with a service you can trust.

Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. offers experienced personnel for technical support by phone and fax, and also on-site troubleshooting, maintenance, and start-up, for Konus and other brands of thermal fluid heating systems. TFS can also service and support other brand heaters such as Eclipse, First Thermal, Geka, GTS Energy, Bay, Fulton, Heatec, HTT, Wellons, Vapor, and more. We carry a stocking inventory for many different brands of components used to make up a complete heating system, including:

High-Temperature Pumps

Pump selection is another area where we can customize a system to include the type of pump already in use at the customer’s facility. This makes maintenance easier and cuts down on part stocking requirements. TFS offers a wide range of hot oil pumps including mechanical seal type (air or water cooled), canned motor, mag-drive, and API pumps. Parts are available from TFS stock inventory.

A circulation pump is used to move high-temperature fluids through the system.  We stock parts for these pumps and can offer a full replacement when necessary.  Choosing the right pump is essential.  Sometimes system expansions or additions will require a different pump or a change to an existing pump.  We can help with these system design changes and can offer the correct pump and/or parts for the application.

These pumps are often connected or referred to as industrial pumps, used for waste heat recovery and heat transfer applications. The operating temperatures will depend on your needs and requirements in the facility.

Our manufacturers include the following:

  • Dickow
  • Dean
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Goulds
  • Viking
  • Allweiler
  • Kontro
  • Sihi
  • KSB


TFS recommends the use of bellows sealed valves in all areas of fluid flow, including shut-off and control valves. These valves are leakproof and maintenance-free in most applications.

We recommend choosing the bellow seal valve for the diverse flow area of fluids or gasses. These components are essential in every industry as they open, close, or obstruct fluid or gas flow inside the facility without hindering any operations. Fortunately, we carry many different types of valves for your needs.

Our manufacturers are as follows:

  • Velan
  • WTA
  • ARI
  • Baelz


Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. utilizes proven industrial burners from leading manufacturers. If a customer has a preference or experience with a particular brand this can be easily accommodated. Low Nox and Ultra-Low NOx rated systems are available.

We specialize in using a proven and tested industrial burner from some of the best manufacturers worldwide. Industrial burners mix gas and air, creating combustion. Furthermore, the kind of burner you choose can effectively provide heating for different types of applications, depending on your needs.

Our manufacturers are:

  • Power Flame
  • Industrial Combustion
  • Todd
  • Eclipse
  • North American
  • Access Combustion
  • Maxon
  • Hauck
  • Webster
  • Gordon-Piatt

Customized & Standard Control Panels

All of our systems include process quality PLC control packages that can easily be integrated with an existing plant DCS. We have broad experience in implementing and programming many different types of PLCs and can offer a simple interface or customized touch screen HMIs.

TFS is a top-notch maintenance and service provider with systems that already include high-quality PLC control packages. We can also do replacements or necessary services for your custom control panels and implement different kinds of PLCs according to your preferences. It will impact the safety, proficiency, and functionality of the equipment that is present in your facility. So it’s ideal to have these maintained.

Our manufacturers are the following:

  • SquareD
  • Mitsubishi
  • GE
  • Moeller
  • Gould
  • Honeywell HC900
  • Allan-Bradley
  • Siemens

Choose Us to Take Care of Your Replacement Parts Right Now

Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. provides top-tier services and solutions to ensure that your thermal fluid systems work correctly. We have a wide variety of replacement parts ready for whatever brand you have. And since we guarantee that our inventory is fully stocked, rest assured that you will have the components required for your systems to work efficiently and smoothly.

We got everything you can ask for, from High-Temperature Heat Pumps, Valves, Burners, and Control Panels. Of course, these are from reputable and reliable manufacturers that will ensure you won’t have any delays with your operations. So if you have any questions or concerns, contact us today. You can also request a free quote, and we can help your systems run.

Replacement Parts
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