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Chemical Processing Applications for Thermal Fluid Heating Systems

What Is Chemical Processing?

Petrochemicals are substances derived from petroleum or natural gas. Common petrochemicals include gasoline, kerosene, and petrolatum. These substances are created using chemical processing, the method through which chemicals are manufactured. Process heating, in particular, is a very popular method of chemical processing.

Process heating is used for a wide range of applications, and accounts for about 40% of manufacturing energy consumption. Process heating may be done using a thermal fluid system, in which a heat transfer liquid is recirculated by a pump through a fired heat exchanger. This raises the temperature of the heat transfer fluid so that it may be used in heating various processes.

Chemical Processing Applications for Thermal Fluid Heating Systems

Thermal Fluid Heating Applications

Thermal fluid heating systems are used across diverse industries. Typical applications include heating press platens, laminating presses, rubber and plastic molding presses, and circuit board presses. Additionally, these systems may be used to heat calendar and drying rolls, or heat chemical, petrochemical, and other process equipment such as reactors, heat exchangers, dryers, and evaporators.

Custom-Designed Thermal Heat and Hot Oil Systems

Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. can customize thermal heat and hot oil heater systems for a variety of applications and has decades of experience building and supplying heat systems, including high-efficiency thermal fluid (also referred to as hot oil or DOWNTHERM™) heaters and systems. Our heaters and systems can be gas-, oil-, or waste-fuel fired.

Electric heating systems can be created with customized, standalone, or skid mounting options and include specially designed critical components. Custom fluid filtration systems may be designed for the efficient handling of the effects of thermal fluid degradation. These systems are available in side-steam and full-flow configurations. Custom designs are also available for thermal fluid, steam, and glycol process skids, which provide heating and cooling operations and accurate control over temperatures to 1° F.

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Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. can customize thermal fluid heating systems to meet clients’ specific application needs. To learn more and discuss your options with an expert, request a quote today.