Replacement Parts & Services for Thermal Fluid Systems

Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. offers experienced personnel for technical support by phone and fax, and also on-site troubleshooting, maintenance and start-up, for Konus and other brands of thermal fluid heating systems. TFS can also service and support other brand heaters such as Eclipse, First Thermal, Geka, GTS Energy, Bay, Fulton, Heatec, HTT, Wellons, Vapor, and more. We carry a stocking inventory for many different brands of components used to make up a complete heating system, including:

High Temperature Pumps

Pump selection is another area where we can customize a system to include the type of pump already in use at the customer’s facility. This makes maintenance easier and cuts down on part stocking requirements. TFS offers a wide range of hot oil pumps including mechanical seal type (air or water cooled), canned motor, mag-drive, and API pumps. Parts are available from TFS stock inventory.

Manufacturers Include: Dean, Dickow, KSB, Sihi, Allweiler, Goulds, Kontro, Ingersol Rand, Viking


TFS recommends the use of bellows sealed valves in all areas of fluid flow, including shut off and control valves. These valves are leak proof and maintenance free in most applications.

Manufacturers Include: ARI, Baelz, WTA, Velan


Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. utilizes proven industrial burners from leading manufacturers. If a customer has a preference or experience with a particular brand this can be easily accommodated. Low Nox and Ultra-Low NOx rated systems are available.

Manufacturers Include: Gordon-Piatt, Industrial Combustion, Power Flame, Webster, Hauck, Coen, Todd, Eclipse, Maxon, North American

Customized & Standard Control Panels

All of our systems include process quality PLC control packages that can easily be integrated with an existing plant DCS. We have a broad experience in implementing and programming many different types of PLC’s and can offer a simple interface or customized touch screen HMI’s.

Manufacturers Include: Allan-Bradley, Mitsubishi, GE, SquareD, Moeller, Gould, TI, Siemens, Honeywell HC 900

Replacement Parts & Service

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