Thermal Fluid Systems for Heat Recovery

Thermal Fluid Systems is a leading total system supplier of thermal fluid heaters and hot oil systems including pumps, valves, heating, cooling, tanks, economizers, heat exchangers, stacks, and other ancillary equipment. Our thermal fluid heaters and hot oil systems are used in many industrial applications for safe and reliable indirect heating and cooling, and they offer high levels of efficiency, especially in waste heat recovery applications. 

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Thermal Fluid Systems for Heat Recovery

What is Industrial Waste Heat Recovery?

Industrial waste recovery captures and reuses the heat that would normally be lost through venting industrial equipment. Recycling this otherwise wasted heat source provides many benefits, including: 

  • Efficiency. By installing waste heat recovery systems, manufacturing facilities and production plants gain increased levels of efficiency, which greatly benefits their operations. 
  • Resource conservation. Reusing waste heat helps plants and facilities conserve resources by eliminating the need for another heating source and conserving energy sources.
  • Waste reduction. Repurposing waste heat decreases the amount of waste produced by a facility, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere. 

How Thermal Fluid Systems Help With Waste Heat Recovery

Thermal fluid heating systems continuously circulate thermal fluids throughout a closed loop. The type of thermal fluid used depends on the needs of the application. Options include:

  • Hot water and water-glycol. Water has excellent thermophysical properties, making it an ideal thermal fluid. However, it does have some drawbacks as it can be corrosive, boils at 212°F, freezes at 32°F, and can contain contaminants. The addition of glycol and corrosion inhibitors extends the upper and lower temperature bounds and mitigates some of the corrosive tendencies.
  • Thermal oil. Thermal oil is non-corrosive and can tolerate temperatures ranging from 300°F to 800°F. While water can cause hard water deposits without treatment, thermal oil does not. Oil-based heating systems certified under ASME Section VIII provide additional savings, as a licensed boiler operator does not have to be present on-site.

Thermal Fluid Systems provides the opportunity for companies to implement waste heat recovery in their manufacturing, heating, and cooling processes. We offer system design, supplies, and maintenance of thermal fluid heating systems to leverage the vast amount of otherwise wasted heat from industrial processes. Our products and services help a wide range of industries in their waste heat recovery efforts, including: 

  • Asphalt
  • Chemical
  • Food industry
  • Laundry
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Process equipment
  • Specialty paper
  • Textiles

We Provide High-Efficiency Thermal Fluid Heating Systems

Industrial heat recovery is a small step that companies can take to reduce energy consumption and costs. For over 25 years, Thermal Fluid Systems has been an industry-leading provider of high-quality, high-efficiency thermal fluid heating systems, parts, accessories, and maintenance. Our products meet or exceed leading industry standards, including ASME, FM, and ASI.

To learn more about how our thermal fluid systems can help your waste heat recovery efforts, contact us today or request a quote to get started.