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All About High Heat Thermal Fluid Systems

A thermal fluid heating system is specialized equipment utilized in diverse industrial processes. It’s employed in applications where heat transfers are desired instead of pressure. At Thermal Fluid Systems, we supply complete systems and system components for high temperature thermal fluid systems. Regardless of your facility’s requirements, we can provide superior quality thermal fluid heating systems that can improve your workflow.

What is a Thermal Liquid Heating System?

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A thermal fluid heating system is used in process industries to deliver indirect heat to one or more heat energy users within a closed-loop system. The most common thermal fluids in a thermal liquid heating system are oil, water, and glycol. Choosing the right medium depends on a system’s design and application.

Once you’ve chosen a liquid medium, the system will heat and circulate it throughout the equipment to heat, cool, and control the temperature. At the same time, energy is provided indirectly to the various productive processes where a specific operating temperature is necessary.

Below are some benefits of incorporating a thermal fluid heating system into your production process:

  • Efficiency: Industrial applications require efficient heating for the facility’s daily operations or specific processes. Thermal fluid heating systems are designed to provide consistent heat transfer, resulting in better productivity and cost savings. Furthermore, it’s more environmentally friendly than other alternatives.
  • Installation flexibility: High temperature thermal fluid systems are very flexible with installation. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, and these can also be built according to your facility’s unique specifications and requirements. Additionally, they don’t need to be constructed beside the process it’s heating. Therefore, it can be installed remotely, ideal in facilities with space constraints.
  • Minimal maintenance: Keeping a thermal fluid heating system in pristine condition doesn’t require heavy and thorough maintenance. All you need is to regularly check the system and do a bit of minor maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Low operational costs: These specialized heating systems don’t need chemical treatments and other components, which lessens your operational costs.
  • High temperature capabilities: A standard thermal liquid heating system can operate at high temperatures. Most systems operate at fluid temperatures over 400°F.

Numerous Applications of a High Temperature Thermal Fluid System

Countless industries rely on a thermal fluid heating system to support their varying heavy-duty industrial applications. Unlike traditional heating systems, a thermal liquid heating system doesn’t experience auxiliary heating losses like steam systems that require steam straps and blowdowns.

That said, below are some of the most common applications of a high temperature thermal fluid according to industry:

  • Petrochemicals: Distillation, synthesis, and crude oil heating in petrochemical applications.
  • Chemicals: Batch reactors and continuous processing operations.
  • Food and Beverage: Ovens and fryers for cooking and baking applications.
  • Die-casting: Temperature control during die-casting procedures.
  • Rubber, Plastics, and Composites: Heated platens, molds and dies used during extrusion, pressing and molding.

Trust Thermal Fluid Systems as Your Partner in Heating Systems

If you have a specific process that requires heating but don’t want to commit to expensive equipment and machines, then a thermal fluid heating system is the perfect solution. At Thermal Fluid Systems, we have years of knowledge in selling and servicing high-performance thermal liquid heating system solutions.

Rest assured, we can aid in the design and installation of this specialty equipment in your facility. Contact us today, and we’ll kickstart your project ASAP! You may also request a quote, and we can give a cost-effective solution tailored to your unique needs.

All About High Heat Thermal Fluid Systems

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